Catching up with Jaime

In the spirit of spring and everyone having a little extra time on their hands to check in with their friends, we thought we’d start a new series called, "Catching up With..." Some months it will be Jaime and others it will be Kendall. We sat down with Founder and Lead Designer, Jaime, to hear all that she has been up to during quarantine.

We started off with the most exciting question of them all... the baby!

  1. When is your baby due and how are you feeling?

She is due June 1st, but I am scheduled for a c-section on May 26th and hoping all stays according to plan.  I feel good for the most part, but there are days where I have absolutely no energy. When that happens I just allow myself to rest and take it easy. That's a hard thing for me to do as I always want to be busy, but now is the time to take advantage of sleeping and naps!

2. What have you been doing during quarantine? 

I've been working on lots of fun projects for clients, going on walks with Brennan and Ryder and doing tons of organizing. Nesting is a real thing and I have been able to get to all the cleaning and organizing in our home I’ve wanted to do for years.  See ya later junk drawer!

3. Any favorite recipes? 

We’ve been making mostly healthy meals lately.  I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes which means I have had to curb the carbs and be more aware of what I am eating.

4. Any favorite activities or shows to watch? 

My favorite activity is going for a walk when it's nice out. The fresh air and getting out of the house is a win-win! Brennan is addicted to puzzles. I tried but lost interest pretty fast so those are a no-go for me. I have been watching Making the Cut and am really into it.  I love fashion and it’s fun to see what these designers have to come up with.  I also love Tim Gunn and glad he’s back in reality TV.  And of course we watched Tiger King.  I don’t even know where to go with that one!  Another favorite has been Very Ralph. It’s the documentary on Ralph Lauren and if I’m bored or just need some inspiration I’ll put it on. And of course Bravo- Thrilled Real Housewives of NY is back.  Its nice to unwind and not use my brain for an hour or so!

5. Your best WFH advice since WFH is your norm!

Get Dressed!  I feel so much more productive and energized if I actually put on clothes.  Of course there are days that I want to stay in comfy cozy things, but I always feel so much better when I’m actually dressed.  Also, I make my bed every day.  It’s something I read awhile back and I swear if thats done first thing I have a much more productive day.  

6. What is the summer going to look like when you have your baby?

I’m really excited to have a summer baby.  I’m not one to sit still, so I’m happy the weather will be warm so that we can go on walks with her and keep moving.  I'm hoping for some beach time if we are allowed back into society!  I will still be taking on clients, and finishing up projects that are in the works, but it will be more scaled back.  I luckily have my trusted side kick Kendall that will be taking on projects as a junior designer, but also helping me manage the projects we currently have.  My husband is also all hands on deck, and my mother and mother in law are very excited to help out, so I know I will have a few days a week I can carve out for JSI.

7. How are you feeling about being pregnant during a pandemic? 

It’s a scary time for everything, but I’ve really tried not to pay too much attention to the news and go with what my doctor’s are saying.  I have to go into Boston every 2 weeks for appointments and since we are having C.P.M at Brigham’s, I keep touching base with them about what to expect at the hospitals.  Overall I feel good about what they’ve been telling me.  The scariest thing we have run into is if for some reason Brennan couldn’t be there due to COVID restrictions at the hospital and I would have to go alone into delivery. Luckily it seems Boston hospitals have not been in this position yet, and Brennan is the only visitor allowed to be there.  It’s sad and disappointing that our parents can’t be there to enjoy this monumental day (this is the first grandchild on my parent’s side) they way you are accustomed to, but we also understand the risks and why they can’t be at the hospital.

It's definitely a crazy and scary time but we are so excited to welcome C.P.M into the world! We are counting down the days until she arrives and can't wait for her to be the most perfect addition to JSI.