Catching up with Kendall

Hi! I am sure some of you may know me as Jaime’s sidekick, assistant, and the person that’s always with her on appointments, but for those of you I have not met yet, hello!

My name is Kendall and I am Jaime’s intern turned assistant turned junior designer that handles the social media and does a little operations and behind the scenes work too. In two words, I am Jaime’s right hand. Anything she needs help with I am there to assist and it is the best job ever, seriously. She is the best person, friend, and boss one girl could ever have which makes our days together filled with fun and lots of good energy, and sometimes even a little too much fun :).

I am currently home from college and sitting in my room at home which I have decided to give a facelift since I cannot sit in here all day looking at robins egg bright blue walls (a choice my 13 year old self made). Being home right now is a very weird feeling, which I am sure is the way many people are feeling. I am fortunate to be able to go home to a safe, healthy, and happy home where my biggest concern for the day is how many times my dad is going to come into my room just to bug me. For that, I am very grateful and know there are many kids who don’t have that to go home to. 

I still am sad to be home and missing college more than ever. I was really looking forward to the second half of my spring semester and all the fun events I had planned for every weekend, but I know there are lots of bigger problems in the world. And while I am bummed that I am missing out on my sorority’s formal, spring concert, spring day, watching the seniors graduate, and so many other memories that spring would have brought, I am grateful for a lot more. Like many people, I am using this time to work on many things- my wellbeing, my skincare routine (I mean there is no time like the present to do a face mask every night), getting movement in everyday, cooking, redecorating my room and home (sorry Mom and Dad!), catching up on movies and shows (although I am starting to run out), and counting my blessings. 

Let’s divulge into these a little bit more! Shall we? 

My Wellbeing:

This is a big one that is really hard to explain and goes hand in hand with other topics. I have been going on walks in the morning when I wake up instead of waiting until the afternoon which I feel like clears my mind before I begin my day. For the past few nights I have been putting my phone away and instead of binge watching Netflix until one in the morning, I have been trying to meditate before I go to bed. And if you are one of those people that didn’t understand what meditating was or thought it was the most hocus-pocus thing, I was right there with you UNTIL I tried it for one minute. All it takes to start is one minute of visualizing your breath going in and out and trying to quiet the thoughts that seem to never stop in your mind. You keep building up those minutes and before you know it, you are fast asleep far before your bedtime. A serious game changer. 

Skincare Routine: 

I’d be lying if I said living at home didn’t have its perks. I now have full access to my mom’s skincare drawer where I am able to find lots of goodies. My favorite’s are the Fresh Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask, the Fresh Soy Face Exfoliant, and the Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm. I also realized that maybe I should find some of my skincare so I recently purchased three products from Naturium, which I am very excited about. 


I used to hate working out and always felt like it was a chore because I would try to go on runs or do intense workouts that I despised doing. I came across Melissa Wood Health and fell in love with her workouts. I have always loved pilates because it doesn’t involve intense, high heart rate, and insane energy moves. I used to do Melissa’s workouts on the ground of my 9 by 11 foot dorm room- that’s how little you need to get a good burn in with her. I also have been doing Peloton’s 20 minute HIIT workouts because they are QUICK! I tend to get bored if a video is too long, which is a little problematic but when you do two 20 minute videos- it’s perfect! 


Oh my absolute favorite. I look to cook and bake and what I love even more is finding healthier alternatives to classic recipes. My favorites so far are Rachel’s Good Eats Skillet Cookies, Lia Bartha’s Carrot Cake with Cashew Frosting, and Not Your Sugar Mama’s Paleo Samoa Bars- highly reccomend. 

Redecorating My Room: 

My room used to be robins egg blue and coral. It was something my 13 year old self thought was so sophisticated and mature. It definitely is no lime green or hideous color, but I felt like I was more of a velvet headboard girl so I set out to find some inspiration and DIY my room. Last weekend I painted my walls white and this weekend I plan on making my headboard, hanging my artwork, and adding the finishing touches of accessories- then I’ll do a big reveal. 

Catching up on Movies and Shows: 

We all are bored of television and hearing about the same shows over and over again, but I will say, have you watched Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu? An absolute must watch. 11/10. 

Counting My Blessings: 

Now is a really good time to be grateful for all that I have. There is a lot of negativity in the world right now and so many unknowns about the future, which is the scariest part. Instead of focusing on that, I choose to focus on all the good that there is, like getting to make myself dinner every night with my family instead of eating dining hall food, slowing down and enjoying the leisurely days that I am now able to have instead of feeling like I can never catch my breath, spending lots of quality time with my parents that I will look back on and appreciate in a few years, and realizing that I can absolutely, under no circumstance, ever say no to going out again. 

I hope everyone is healthy and safe in their homes during what feels like the scariest, weirdest, and most unsettling time of our lives. I hope that I’ll get to see most of you in person this summer and even give you a big hug, because why not! 

Talk to you soon,