Catching up with Kendall

Everyone says that summer always flies by, but this year it felt especially quick. I don’t know if that was due to the anticipation leading up to it after being in quarantine for three months or the fact that every moment spent enjoying the sun was extra-special and cherished, but it somehow managed to come and go in the blink of an eye. 

In a shocking turn of events, this summer was one of the best summers I have ever had. I was able to spend time with friends, family, explore some passions I didn’t quite know existed, and wake up every morning VERY excited to go to “work,” (“work” because it really does not feel like a job to me. I LOVE what I do). 


Being social has always been very important to me and something I love doing. I love spending time with my friends and most of all laughing with them. However, my friends will tell you, that I am also the most extreme homebody there ever was. An ideal night includes clean sheets, an early dinner, a shower, clean pajamas, and in bed by 8pm with Sex and the City on my TV. I like my routines and there is nothing that makes me happier than that one. 

With that being said, I tend to occasionally get a little too caught up in my routine and in the past have turned down more social outings than not to sit in my bed with a show on. After spending three months doing so, I made sure to not say no at the opportunity to spend socially-distant time with my friends. Whether that be dinners outside at a friends, evening walks around Duxbury, weekends spent on the water, or a weekend trip with college friends post quarantining, I made it a point this summer to “branch” out of my comfort zone that is my house. 

And I have to say, it was quite the success. I spent way more time with my friends and enjoyed every single moment. Everything was low key, simple, and it didn’t matter what we did, we were always happy just being together (cheesy, right).  


Ah yes, it is every college student’s DREAM to be living with their parents during these prime years. In all seriousness though, I loved it. Prior to COVID, I was supposed to be living at home for a short two months which so quickly turned into six whole months, and these past six months have been nothing but memorable and really special. 

I started to really enjoy and become excellent at WFH post college classes. Once finance was over and I started working full time for JSI, I very much so enjoyed sitting at my desk with my mom in the room next to me. Our desks both face the street and we (mostly I) were doing quite a lot of online shopping in May and June so when the UPS truck pulled up, it was the highlight of our day. We would guess who got a package today and run downstairs before my Dad could see that one of us had purchased yet another item (he does not get the whole shopping ordeal).

We enjoyed lunches together (which in what other world would that ever happen), did pilates classes together (dad excluded), had fashion shows every other week of items we ordered and ended up returning (because when does online shopping really ever work out in your favor), spent lots of time outside on the deck, and spent countless hours talking about if and when my sister and I would be going back to college (and we both are!). 

It was not the six months I had envisioned back in early March and like everyone, my whole world did a 180 in a matter of hours, but I am very privileged to be healthy with a well-loved and supportive family behind me, and if I’ve learned anything, it is that that is really all that matters. 

Untapped Passions: 

In April, I started a blog and Instagram account that I had intended to share my love for fashion and great style. It very quickly turned into an outlet to be able to share way more than just outfits I loved and items I was eyeing. For the first time ever, I told people about health and digestive issues I have struggled with for the past few years. It was a little scary to write it all out and actually hit the publish button for people to read, but it turned out to be one of the best things I’ve ever done. Friends reached out shocked that this was going on behind the scenes of college and many other friends asked for advice or help with their own health. It has been nothing but extremely rewarding to open up and be vulnerable. 

The blog/Instagram eventually became a way for me to share any and everything I am passionate about- clean eating, gut health, style, interior design, and wellness. It is something I love doing and have connected with so many people because of it. 


I say “work” because working for/with Jaime is a dream come true. We work so incredibly well together. We bounce ideas off of each other and she allows me the opportunity to take on the sides of the business that I love and feel the most confident in. And when it comes time to doing something that is out of my comfort zone, she pushes me to do so but is always right there incase I need that extra nod  of encouragement.

I am beyond lucky to be able to work alongside her. She has set the bar miles high as a role model in my life. She is like my sister, aunt, and second mother all in one- it depends on the day and the conversation we’re having. She has given me countless opportunities to grow in my career and trusted me to take on roles that have only bettered my personal and professional self. 

The days that we both end up working from home are never as great as those days in person because when we are together, we have tons of fun (maybe too much fun?). She is the only person that can make a grueling seven hour install of having to manually nail in lucite curtain rods on a 95 degree day enjoyable and hilarious. She has treated me to so many lunches where we do nothing but chat, laugh, talk about an upcoming project, or discuss plans that we have for growing JSI. Jaime has given me invaluable pieces of advice- everything from ALWAYS wear your sunglasses when it is even the tiniest bit sunny so you don’t squint and get wrinkles to career advice and relationship advice. Being in a very uncertain time in my life, I am SO grateful to have her to lean on. 

Cameran is one lucky little lady and has the best mom to look up to. 

While I am not sure where I will be next summer and where my career will take me, I know for sure that I will carry Jaime and JSI with me forever. 

Since I am going back to college in a week, I may not be seeing all of you, our amazing clients, face to face anytime soon, but I look forward to continuing to answer your emails, questions, and see all of the spaces that Jaime has beautifully designed!

Chat soon,