Featured Portfolio: Oceanport Beach House

Long time no chat!

We are thrilled to get back into blogging now that we have some extra hands on deck this summer and can all focus on different aspects of JSI.

To kick off our featured portfolio series, we caught up with one of our clients who will be taking some much needed R&R at her Cape Cod beach house. This beach house is the perfect combination of a costal and serene feel while also maintaining a modern and simplistic look.

Be sure to head over to the portfolio and see the dreamy space!

1) What was your overall vision for the space prior to working with JSI?

Initially I was looking for help sourcing a sectional, but after discussing our ideas for the space, I knew Jaime could help us achieve a cohesive look for the open floor plan. I wanted the lighting in the dining area and above the kitchen island to have an impact, particularly because the main entrance flows directly into the open floor plan and I wanted the space to feel unified with a clean but relaxed vibe for the beach. Jaime exceeded our expectations!

2) What was your favorite part about working with JSI? Walking into the space after Jaime styled it was like Christmas! So many fun and thoughtful little touches, particularly her curated selection of coffee table books. Jaime took into account places and activities that are meaningful to our family and sourced so many fun books, I love sitting and flipping through them on a quiet afternoon.

3) What is a favorite item or area of your home now that your home is completed? Our house was gutted due to a flood (burst pipes) so we had the opportunity to update the kitchen space, replacing a peninsula with an island and it made all the difference! We enjoy the cozy stools and beautiful lighting at the island. It is a much needed upgrade and great for entertaining.

4) What part of the design process were you most excited about? Seeing it all come together and the chance to start fresh and create a space that felt easy and relaxed.

5) What's your go-to summer cocktail? Spicy margarita on the rocks with salt.

We are looking forward to many more of these featured portfolios as we have lots of exciting projects to show you!

Chat soon, xo JSI Team