High Point Market Finds by Brooke Kavoogian

Hello again JSI followers!

We hope you had a happy Turkey day filled with lots of friends, family, and laughs. It is craziness that it is already December now… where did the time go?! 

Before we get to talking about ALL things Christmas, and we promise we will get you your fix of that, we wanted to share one final recap of the High Point Market finds. 

This time, we sat down with Brooke Kavoogian, Founder and Lead Designer of Brooke Anne Interiors, and she shared her favorite sightings from the market. 


Mini Lamps

I know Jaime talked about these, but seriously, they were everywhere and something I had never seen in so many variations before. 

They added the perfect touch to every console and end table they were on. 

Coupling of Coffee Tables 

This look is to die for. 

Instead of having one larger coffee table fill the space, designers put a medium and smaller sized coffee table together. This creates sort of an off center yet so eye catching element to the space. 

I especially loved the look of the two black, round coffee tables overlaying one another.

Everything about it is so good! 

Laptop/Beverage Tables Over a Sofa 

I absolutely LOVE this look. 

A side table next to a sofa for a beverage is what is commonly seen in family or living rooms, but so rarely do you see a side table overlapping a sofa, and let me tell you, it needs to be done more! 

An extra dimension is added when the two are paired together and the space looks put together and well done without being overdone. 

Chair Detailing 

If you ever need an piece in a space to catch someone’s eye, adding a little bit of fun and uniqueness to the backs of your chairs is the perfect way to do so. 

It adds a little bit of playfulness without having to more pieces which can make a space feel overcrowded and cluttered.

So many good things but not enough time to share! I hope you enjoyed my recap of some of my favorite finds at the High Point Market!

Talk to you soon!