Martinique vs Braziliance- Who Knew?

Anyone thats knows Jaime, knows she has a soft spot for anything banana leaves. If we’re walking around a store and there is so much as a spot of a green looking leaf on a piece of clothing, she just can’t but help herself. She truly loves the classic, colorful, and tropical pop that the banana leaf adds. 

I knew Jaime was well versed in her banana leaves but I didn’t quite know just how knowledgeable she was up until very recently. Did anyone else know that not all banana leaf prints are true banana leaves? I did not! 

Fascinated by this concept, I did some digging on what the difference is and where each originate from. 

If you look closely, the photo on the left (Martinique) have dark green leaves with a little touch of a brown stem. On the right, (Braziliance) the leaves are much brighter and there are sea grapes hanging off the leaves.


"The Original" Martinique Banana Leaf Wallpaper was created by Don Loper in 1942 specifically for the Beverly Hills Hotel. This wallpaper is truly iconic and you can still purchase it today for a hefty $400 per roll.

Both images are of the iconic Fountain Room at the Beverly Hills Hotel.


Dorothy Draper's Braziliance Wallpaper was first showcased in 1940 when the Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia was renovated. The Braziliance wallpaper is very similar to the Martinique print, however the green is a bit more vibrant with the addition of sea grapes. Carleton Varney (Dorothy's protégé) still produces all of Dorothy's original prints and you can purchase the wallpaper for a much friendlier price of $140 per roll.

It is truly fascinating to learn where each of these prints originate from and that not all banana leaves are the original print that may first come to our mind. It's also incredible that both are decades old and are still being used today as wallpaper, artwork, and prints on clothing- now that is truly remarkable!

Talk soon! Kendall