Thanksgiving Table Decor

Happy (almost!) Holidays JSI followers!  October flew by and November went even quicker! It feels like I was just writing a post about fall fashion, when now we are chatting about all things winter and holiday. Exciting stuff for sure, but where did the time go? With just over a week until Thanksgiving (everyone's favorite and not favorite holiday at the same time), I wanted to share some simple and chic table decor. Because let's be honest, you know you are stressing over what to put in the center of the table! We are here to help and we promise you can recreate any of these looks in a short amount of time.  Mini Pumpkins in Vases  So simple, so easy, yet so elegant. White pumpkins give off the ultimate festive, chic vibe, while orange pumpkins are a little more classic. 

We would place a table runner down and then place three to four vases along the table with some greens and other larger pumpkins mixed in to offset the height of the vases.  Greenery Table Runner  This is a great way to fill a table up so it feels cozy and has a full look to it. It is also simple and easy modify to best fit your specific table and aesthetic. 

Here's how to recreate this look: We recommend going to your local garden center and picking up a long piece of greenery. Then at home, set a very basic layout with a plate and some dishware so you have an idea of where the open space will be. "Snake" or weave the greenery through one end of the table to the next. Fill the open spots with vases of pumpkins, candles, or a combination of both! Just make sure to vary the height throughout the table so everything looks balanced yet not all the same height.  Pumpkins Galore  Pumpkins are so not just for Halloween. Paint that white pumpkin's stem gold and voila, you have the most perfect centerpiece for your table.  They are especially great because they come in so many different colors, shapes, and sizes which makes your decorating job a whole lot easier.  We recommend getting a bunch in a few different shapes and sizes so that you can lay them along the center of your table on a runner. From there. add in a few candles-- some votives and some candlesticks to bring a little height to the table. You can also add in extra greenery to fill up any gaps in the pumpkin line. 

We hope these ideas inspire you so that you can get your best Turkey day decor on!